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About the Farm

Bull Bottom Farm is owned and farmed by the Robinson family, and we’ve been here for three generations. So I guess you’re wondering about the name? Well, Houston Robinson bought the farm in 1944 from Mr. Bull, and for that reason, he always called it The Bull Place, and of course, much of the farm is in the bottoms, so…Bull Bottom Farms.

The Robinson Family, owners and operators of Bull Bottom Farms.The Robinson Family

Running the farm today, you’ll find Earl Robinson, Houston’s son. Earl and his wife Vickie live on the farm, run row crops, and Vickie enjoys keeping the grounds beautifully manicured for our guests. Earl’s son Nic Robinson manages Bull Bottom Farms and handles the finances, and Nic’s wife Katie manages our public relations. Of course, those are the “big” titles, but we all work about anywhere that needs working, and all love to see you folks and show you around.